Power your business with energy from Corab Encor photovoltaic panels

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Corab Encor EC460M-10-120S is a photovoltaic module that has been developed for commercial installation applications. Thanks to its advantages, it is the ideal choice for businesses looking to invest in solar energy and make significant savings on their electricity bills.

One of the distinct strengths of the EC460M-10-120S module is its high quality and the provision of nationwide support service by a reputable Polish manufacturer.

Increase investment efficiency with Corab Encor modules

It is worth noting the universal size of the module. Due to the module’s dimensions (1903 x 1134 x 30 mm), it is easy to install on both rooftop and ground-mounted photovoltaic installations.


The system’s maximum DC voltage of 1500 V allows longer chains to be assembled, which provides even greater efficiency and reduces installation costs.


- We are happy to be able to offer a photovoltaic module that combines high quality with an attractive price. Our product offers a high power output of 460 Wp from a relatively small module surface area, which allows installation costs to be optimised. Additionally, our modules are dedicated to commercial rooftop and ground-mounted installations and have been designed for the most popular PV systems, ensuring simplicity and convenience of installation – emphasises Michał Olszewski, product manager at Corab S.A.

The EC460M-10-120S module is equipped with original MC4 Stäubli connectors which guarantee a reliable connection. Consequently, users can enjoy the stable and safe operation of the entire installation.

Optimisation of transport and assembly costs

Michał Olszewski, product manager at Corab S.A., points out that the EC460M-10-120S module is a solution that will prove useful for various types of photovoltaic installations built for business customers, including industrial plants and commercial facilities.

He believes that it is a perfect solution for businesses looking for modern and reliable technologies to save on electricity costs.


It is worth noting that the EC460M-10-120S has been designed for the most popular PV systems. As a result, users can be assured that the module will operate flawlessly in conjunction with other installation components. These photovoltaic panels combine performance with quality and guarantee a fault-free and safe operation of the installation.

Environmental benefits and positive impact on the company’s image

The EC460M-10-120S module has undergone full triple EL testing, meaning that it has been thoroughly checked for micro-cracks. As a result, users can be confident that their installation will operate flawlessly for a long time.
Michał Olszewski points out that Corab S.A., a Polish manufacturer with 30 years of experience, which offers a 15-year warranty on their products, is a reliable partner worth trusting when planning and building a photovoltaic installation.
Corab Encor EC460M-10-120S is an excellent choice for companies looking to harness solar power in their commercial installations. Investing in photovoltaics yields both environmental and business benefits. The environmental benefit is the generation of electricity from a renewable source, which reduces both carbon emissions and the company’s carbon footprint.

What is more, having a photovoltaic installation allows businesses to reduce electricity costs, which can have a positive impact on their financial result. Investing in photovoltaics is also a good way to improve a company’s image, as it shows its commitment to environmental action and care for the environment.

Attaching importance to environmental aspects can attract customers who are more likely to choose products or services offered by environmentally-friendly companies.

It is worth noting that the Corab Encor EC460M-10-120S photovoltaic panels are another product of the Olsztyn-based company to be introduced to the market in the spring of 2023. Corab Encor inverters and energy storage units also had their premiere at the Enex trade fair in Kielce, Poland. The company also offers a dedicated application for monitoring and diagnostics of RES installations under the name Corab ONE.

Encor modules are available from the Corab S.A. e-warehouse and can be found at: https://shopb2b.corab.pl/


More information on new Corab Encor products can be found at: https://corab.pl/encor

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