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During the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, Corab will present its latest offerings aimed at both individual investors and those interested in building PV farms.

On over 100 square meters of our booth, we will strive to showcase what might be most attractive to the European audience in our range. This will include solutions for solar parks, as well as for the agro-business sector and commercial recipients. The PV systems we produce are gaining increasing interest among investors from across the EU. It is also worth mentioning that we will present a range of products under our own brand - Encor, including inverters and energy storage systems. The Munich fair promises exciting meetings with current and future clients.

Exports as the Company’s Strong Point

Corab's photovoltaic structures have so far been used in over 30 countries worldwide. As a leader in the production of mounting systems for photovoltaics, we proudly announce our upcoming participation in the Intersolar 2024 trade fair in Germany. With our subsidiary Corab GmbH, we are well-prepared to comprehensively serve our German clients in the DACH market, offering them direct access to our innovative products and services. In recent years, we have intensified efforts to increase our visibility in Europe, particularly focusing on the German market. The Intersolar 2024 trade fair is a key event for us that will allow us to further strengthen our position in this important market.

Thanks to our advanced factory, whose products represent the pinnacle of modern technology, we are ready to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The trade fair will also be an excellent opportunity to conduct intensive meetings with current and future business partners and suppliers, enabling us to further develop our relationships and expand our operations in foreign markets.

Products that impress

Corab System Tracker WS T-001 ONE

Among the wide range of products our company will showcase at the fair, special attention should be given to the improved version of our photovoltaic tracker. The WS T-001 system is a modern tracking system that has already gained recognition in the PV industry. This device, developed by Corab engineers, has received numerous industry awards.


This time, the company presents an enhanced version of this movable photovoltaic structure to the international audience. The WS T-001 ONE is a fully automatic and maintenance-free PV system that tracks the sun's rays and adjusts the modules to maximize yield. In addition to its efficiency, which can be up to 30% higher compared to static solutions, the tracker stands out with its innovative clamp-free mounting system and the ability to use any photovoltaic modules.


Corab System PB-076

At the Intersolar 2024 trade fair, we will also present the Corab System PB-076, ideal for installation on flat roofs. This aerodynamic system is characterized by its lightweight construction, which makes transportation and installation easier. Another product that will be showcased at our booth is the Corab System PB-098, also designed for flat roofs. This ballast structure does not require the use of specialized tools for installation and offers ease of expansion.



Corab System T-04

We will also feature a solution for pitched roofs - the Corab System T-04, which stands out for its quick and easy installation as well as certified safety. Our products are designed to meet high standards of quality and functionality, catering to the needs of both individual customers and large industrial projects.

New systems, innovative solutions

Katarzyna Konarska, our Eksport Digital Performance Manager, emphasizes the strategic importance of the German market and other European markets for our company: "For Corab, the German market, as well as other European export markets, are priorities. In our strategy, it is very important that our booth at the Intersolar 2024 fair is not only modern but also equipped with the latest marketing solutions. We use technologies and tools that make the work of our salespeople easier, while also helping foreign customers to get to know our products as well as possible. We prepare displays that allow visitors to thoroughly understand the advantages and technical aspects of our mounting systems. The goal is to ensure that every customer, regardless of their country of origin, can clearly see how our products can contribute to the efficiency and success of their photovoltaic projects."

The Intersolar 2024 trade fair will take place in Munich, Germany, from June 19 to 21. Corab's booth is located at A6.440.

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