AC and DC
switchgears accessories 

Corab offers ready-made AC and DC switchgears, which comprise of components from reputable manufacturers. Photovoltaic switchgears are devices equipped with apparatus protecting photovoltaic modules and PV inverters in photovoltaic installations against overvoltage in AC and DC circuits. The photovoltaic switchgear along with the equipment protects the circuits of the photovoltaic installation and its receivers against short circuits caused by lightning discharges and short circuits on the inverter's AC input side. Corab offers proven PV switchgears for indoor and outdoor DC and AC installations.

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DEHN is systems and products manufacturer, delivering services in the field of surge and lightning protection, and also ground and safety equipment. The DEHN Group in a nutshell:


  • family business at the fourth-generation level since 1911
  • around 1900 employees around the world
  • over 120 employees in R&D and Quality Management Departments
  • around 150 interns 
  • over 4000 devices and components 
  • 20 sales offices in Germany
  • commercial activity in over 70 countries, 20 subsidiaries and representative offices around the world