Corab is a business partner you can trust. Our advantages are: 30 years of experience, our own production plant, a strong position on the market and the support we provide to our contractors and partners.

Why choose our systems

First of all, Corab systems are easy and quick to assemble. High resistance to corrosion and electro-corrosion for up to 25 years, innovative non-clamp module assembly and a wide range of module sizes are just some of the many reasons to choose one of the wide variety of innovative Corab photovoltaic systems. Other system features include: 

  • high static strength thanks to the best quality materials,
  • safety confirmed by certificates compliant with European standards,
  • subjected to multi-stage quality control.


If you have any questions, Corab specialists will be glad to answer them.  Please contact 

We will help your business develop

Trust our experience

For 30 years, photovoltaics has been our passion. Our unique skills allow us to offer quality solutions in solar energy. Constantly improved structures and photovoltaic systems in our offer allow us to safely enjoy solar energy for years. We focus on quality in every aspect of our business; both in terms of manufactured products, distributed products, as well as after-sales service and logistics. We know how important customer support and mutual exchange of information are. As our production plant and distribution centre are located on major transport routes, we are capable of efficiently fulfilling orders for customers from all countries in the world.

When working with Corab you get access to solutions that are reserved for the best. From order picking tools to access to the best photovoltaic knowledge. We manufacture our photovoltaic support structures and distribute products from reputable brands only. Your growth is our growth.


Cooperation with Corab brings many benefits to you and your customers, including:


  • Access to top-quality components and equipment

  • Information on new products in our offer

  • Regular sales support

  • Know-how


We guarantee contacts to new investors

We offer a wide scale of operations. Such a renowned brand as Corab has the potential to win new customers, both in Poland and abroad. Quality is our trademark, both in our products and our customer support.

years of market experience


of business partners


export destinations worldwide


of GW of power generated by our PV systems

Tracker – a photovoltaic tracking system

Photovoltaic tracker is an advanced solution allowing to significantly increase the output from PV systems. Research conducted by the Polish Academy of Sciences shows that using a tracker can result in even 30 percent higher output compared to conventional photovoltaic solutions.

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Ultimate safety in photovoltaic systems

When investing in a photovoltaic installation, informed customers pay attention to the quality of its components. Due to the share in the total investment costs, interested parties most often pay attention to components such as modules and inverters. Are they right in doing so?

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Find out more about products we manufacture

Corab photovoltaic system
Corab photovoltaic system

Corab photovoltaic system

We produce systems that are very popular with customers in Poland and abroad. We employ modern technological solutions, thanks to which the systems may be installed on various roof surfaces and ground types. Our photovoltaic structures are completely safe and meet stringent European standards, as confirmed by certificates and numerous tests.

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Photovoltaic modules
Photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic modules

Corab cooperates with the largest manufacturers of PV system components, including manufacturers of photovoltaic modules (commonly known as solar panels, photovoltaic panels). We carry modules of the latest generation and various power profiles.

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We are here to help you

We are here for you. That is why you have our full support at your disposal. Call us or write and we will try to solve any of your problems and inquiries related to photovoltaics.

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