Corab is also the manufacturer of Encor modules


Encor is a mix of Energy coming from the sun and the experience of Corab. Encor is a brand of modules made for Corab's special request. It's the effect of Corab's cooperation with customers and an answer for their needs.

The whole production proccess is held under the watchful eye of Corab. Encor photovoltaic modules are products made with the highest dilligence of workship.

Many tests confirmed modules' high quality and compliance with applicable standards. They have polish warranty.  You can find Encor products below.




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Corab cooperates with the largest manufacturers of PV system components, including manufacturers of photovoltaic modules (commonly known as solar panels, photovoltaic panels). We carry modules of the latest generation and various power profiles. Thanks to cooperation with world module market leaders, we carry products with diverse applications that satisfy even the most demanding customers. Brands you can find in our offer are:




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