New Corab Encor inverters – performance and reliability for RES installations

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Encor is Corab’s own brand which for 30 years has been constantly supporting the development of the RES industry, and supplying high-quality components for photovoltaic systems, including structures, PV modules, inverters, and energy storage units.

Encor inverters – discover their capabilities!

Corab is a leading European manufacturer of photovoltaic installations. In response to market expectations, the Olsztyn-based company is introducing more devices under the Encor brand to the market. Photovoltaic modules are now joined by a family of inverters.

Corab Encor three-phase inverters - from 4 kW to 12 kW

Particularly noteworthy is a Corab Encor three-phase inverter with power outputs from 4 kW to 12 kW, and a maximum efficiency of up to 98.30%. It has a starting voltage of as low as 150 V, a maximum DC current of 16 A, and an exceptionally wide MPPT voltage range.

Moreover, it provides an apparent power at the AC output of up to 110% of the nominal power, and can be oversized by up to 200%. The operational safety of the Encor three-phase inverter is ensured by a built-in DC surge arrester.

The Encor inverter also features an IP66 protection rating, which guarantees safe outdoor installation. In addition, this inverter offers a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to +60°C.

Corab Encor inverters – 17 kW, 20 kW or 30 kW

Corab’s product range also includes higher-power inverters of 17 kW, 20 kW or 30 kW, with a maximum efficiency of up to 98.5%. They offer an exceptionally wide MPPT voltage range and low starting voltage, and can be oversized by up to 150%.


What is noteworthy is the built-in shadow tracking function, which significantly increases the operating efficiency of the entire PV installation. In terms of protection, it is worth mentioning the protection against undervoltage or overvoltage, monitoring of DC insulation, AC mains, DC pulse, or leakage current.


These inverters also feature an over-temperature protection and a DC/AC surge arrester. Importantly, they guarantee the connectivity of high-power PV modules thanks to a maximum input DC current of 16 A. Similarly to the previously mentioned three-phase inverters, the inverters in question can also be safely installed outdoors as they feature IP66 protection rating.

Corab Encor inverter – 50 kW

For higher-power PV installations, Corab’s product range now includes a 50 kW inverter with a maximum efficiency of up to 98.4%, and an MPPT DC voltage range of 180~1000 V. It guarantees an option of oversizing by up to 150%.


Significantly, it has a lower weight compared to competing product, i.e. 44.5 kg, and offers an operating temperature range from -30°C to +60°C. Moreover, this Corab Encor inverter model features a built-in DC surge arrester, enables control of the energy discharge to the grid, and is cooled using longer-life fans. Just as importantly, this model features an IP66 protection rating, which means that it can be installed outdoors.

Corab Encor Hybrid three-phase hybrid inverter - from 6 kW to 15 kW

Corab also offers a three-phase hybrid inverter which can successfully combine a photovoltaic installation, an energy storage unit, and household equipment. It is characterised by asymmetric operation of up to 50% of the nominal output power per phase, and features an option of oversizing by up to 150%.


Importantly, a three-phase hybrid inverter guarantees the connectivity of high-power modules thanks to a maximum input DC current of 16A. Moreover, it offers parallel operation of up to 150 kW, as many as five different operating modes, and is also equipped with a built-in DC surge arrester.


The operation of the inverter can be monitored via the dedicated Corab ONE monitoring application. It is a proprietary installation monitoring system to check key parameters such as energy production, consumption levels, and the amount of energy released to and taken from the grid.

Why is it worth choosing Corab Encor inverters?

Corab S.A. is a leading Polish manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, distinguished by many years of experience and competence. This places Corab S.A. among the leaders constantly supporting the development of the renewable energy industry in Poland and Europe.


Corab Encor inverters are characterised above all by their high quality and durability. Corab’s thriving R&D department cooperates with numerous research centres in Poland and abroad, meaning that it constantly analyses the latest trends in the RES sector, and applies the best practices in the production of their own components for PV installations, such as inverters, PV modules, support structures, and energy storage units. It is worth noting that the inverters offered by Corab undergo salt and climate chamber tests, are certified, and meet the necessary standards.


The inverters developed under the Corab Encor brand are a response to the needs of installers and companies operating in the renewable energy sector. All are covered by a 12-year warranty, and serviced on a door-to-door basis, with an extensive network of professional service technicians ensuring efficient service. Furthermore, Encor inverters provide connectivity via Wi-Fi as standard, and optionally via LTE (4G) of Ethernet.


Built with components from renowned brands, with a modern and unique design, they will certainly prove their worth in small, medium, and larger PV installations supporting failure-free system operation and the harnessing of almost free electricity from the Sun.


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