Corab E-Wholesale and Configurator: Shopping has become even easier

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A user-friendly interface, access to the full offer and the ability to prepare a complete list of the PV system - these are just some of the conveniences that have been added to the English version of Corab's online shop. What does the e-commerce platform of the European-leading manufacturer of photovoltaic structures offer to its customers?

The largest selection of photovoltaic solutions

Are you planning to buy components for your customers' photovoltaic installations? Are you looking for PV modules, inverters, switchgear, mounting elements, car chargers or powerbanks? Are you only interested in high-quality products at the best possible prices? Then the best solution is to use the Corab E-Wholesale.

Corab B2B shop is a comprehensive tool which leads the buyer in an easy and intuitive way through the whole offer of the company. All you have to do is register and, after a short verification process, you will be able to use Corab's depot resources.


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Open to customer needs

A full range of components, devices and accessories necessary to complete or expand a solar installation is not all. The current version of the Corab sales service has become even more user-friendly.

Buyers, through their individual accounts, have constant access to invoices. Users can easily control stock levels and receive regular information on planned deliveries, which facilitates the planning of assemblies and installations for customers. There is also clear information about promotions and discounts that buyers using the shop are entitled to. Of course, customers can count on Corab's support throughout the purchasing process.


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Synchronisation with the configurator

Add to this compatibility of the B2B shop with a configurator for designing photovoltaic installations. Corab's customers also receive a comprehensive purchasing system. It's safe to say that picking and buying photovoltaic-related products has never been easier.


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