JW-HD108N 410-430

Technical specification:

Power 410W 415W 420W 425W 430W
Frame color silver
Warranty 15
Power point MPP 31.5 31.7 31.9 32.1 32.3
Quanitity per pallet 35
Weight 24.5
Number of cells 108
Type of module monocrystalline
Temperature coefficient PMPP -0.31
Temperature coefficient VOC -0.26
Country of the manufacturer China

Founded in 2008, Jolywood is a national high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on innovative R&D and high-quality manufacturing of photovoltaic auxiliary materials, solar cell and module, system integration and other products. As the world largetst N-type bifacial solar cell and module manufacturer with 6.6GW production capacity, and world largest backsheet manufacturer with 30% market share, Jolywood was awarded financial health Top3 by Photon.

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