Corab Encor EC460M-10-120S

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module ENCOR EC460M-10-120S with 460 W, using half-cut cells.  The model is ideal for installations carried out on industrial or commercial facilities.


  • PV module from a proven Polish company with 30 years of experience in the RES market
  • Product uses a silver anodized aluminum alloy frame
  • It is characterized by high efficiency - at the level of 21.3%
  • Half-cut cells affecting reduced power loss at higher solar intensity, as well as better efficiency in partial shade or dirt
  • The module is covered by a long-term - 15-year product warranty provided by the company's nationwide service
  • Longer cable allowing horizontal mounting
  • Maximum system voltage of 1500V DC
  • Secure and original MC4 EVO2 connectors from Stäubli
  • Durable design. The module shows excellent resistance to snow (5400 Pa) and wind (2400 Pa).
  • Excellent resistance during harsh weather conditions

Technical specification:

Power 460W
Frame color silver
Warranty 15
Power point MPP 32.52
Quanitity per pallet 36
Weight 24
Number of cells 120
Type of module monocrystalline
Temperature coefficient PMPP -0.35
Temperature coefficient VOC -0.28
Country of the manufacturer Poland

Encor is a mix of ENergy coming from the sun and the experience of CORab. Encor is a brand of modules made for Corab's special request. It's the effect of Corab's cooperation with customers and an answer to their needs. The whole production proccess is held under the watchful eye of Corab. Encor photovoltaic modules are products made with the highest dilligence of workship. Many tests confirmed modules' high quality and compliance with applicable standards. They were granted a Polish warranty.


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