Ultimate safety in photovoltaic systems

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When investing in a photovoltaic installation, informed customers pay attention to the quality of its components. Due to the share in the total investment costs, interested parties most often pay attention to components such as modules and inverters. Are they right in doing so?

Why are photovoltaic support structures important?



In many cases, the quality of the photovoltaic support structure is regarded as something of secondary importance. However, a support structure is present in every photovoltaic system and is also its key element, guaranteeing safe and failure-free operation of the photovoltaic panels.


The costs of a photovoltaic system vary from a dozen to several dozen thousand PLN. These investments are planned for a lifetime of 20, 25, or even 30 years. If we compare a photovoltaic system to a living organism, then the support structure takes on the role of the backbone, which directly translates into the quality of the investment and service costs.

What to pay attention to?


Support structures are chosen at one of the first stages of planning an investment in a photovoltaic system. Before making a decision, it is worth asking the fitter or technical and commercial advisor whether the proposed structure meets the applicable standards, is certified, and comes with a guarantee. This stage is often overlooked by investors. You should realise that although the support structure seems to be the least technically advanced component of the photovoltaic system, it is very important because it must ensure failure-free and maintenance-free operation for a long time. The support structure is exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures as well as wind, rain, and snow.


Components from proven manufacturers


When choosing components, it is often relying on an experienced contractor with relevant references. Attention should also be paid that the contractor offers components from proven manufacturers, whose products have been available on the market for a long time. This guarantees that the manufacturer will not suddenly disappear from the market, leaving the customer without after-sales support. The country of manufacture of such support structures also matters. Why does it matter? If you need to make a warranty claim, it makes the formalities much simpler. A comprehensive range of products and equipment necessary to operate a photovoltaic system can be found in the “Our Offer” tab and the Corab e-warehouse.


In a guarantee, longer does not necessarily mean better


Caution is needed when choosing a photovoltaic design based on the length of the guarantee. Both too long and too short a warranty should arouse the suspicions of the investor. It is an unfair, but unfortunately, very common practice, to offer a very long guarantee with no intention to observe it over such a long period because the company plans to disappear from the market in the next few years.

The advantage of Corab structures

Corab was the first photovoltaic manufacturer in Poland to recognise the potential of Magnelis metallic coatings. The unique chemical composition of the Magnelis coating provides an unprecedented degree of surface and edge protection even in extremely harsh environments. Magnelis is three times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised steel.

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