Corab promotes ground source heat pumps in the Czech Republic

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More than 70 exhibitors, 400 industry experts sharing their knowledge, and thousands of renewable energy enthusiasts. This is the shortest way to describe the Smart Energy Forum trade fair, which took place on October 17-18, 2023 in Prague. Our team represented us at booth B26 (building B). How did we plan to capture the interest of our southern neighbors and trade fair visitors?

Corab is a leading European manufacturer of photovoltaic systems with the highest quality confirmed by international certificates. For the fair in picturesque Prague we brought our signature PV products, such as:


  • Corab System WS-A10 – a universal free-standing system for large-scale projects, fence-shaped, covering only about 1% of the field. On the remaining area, one can freely use conventional agricultural machinery, such as a tractor, so that the way of conducting agricultural work is practically unchanged. It takes no longer than one week to install a vertical installation equipped with efficient Corab Encor modules, after which one can start reaping the benefits of using low-cost, in-house solar energy. Thanks to the characteristic straight foundation of the system, the balance of water from rainwater is practically unaffected. The components of the WS-10 system will also be perfect for small farms.
  • Corab System PI-094M – a system designed for roofs covered with membrane or tar paper. Using footings with a large surface area, PI-094M distributes the weight of the installation in a way that is safe for the roof. The system provides ease of expansion, consists of a small number of components and generates low maintenance costs. It also features a solution to prevent module theft.
  • Corab System PB-096 – a solution that allows very fast installation of PV modules. The structure can be either ballasted or invasive (attached to the roof surface). Corab System PB-096 is designed for south-facing installations, with modules mounted horizontally, at an angle of 15 degrees. The system is characterized by high corrosion resistance.

However, the primary highlight of our trade fair booth drawing the attention of visitors not only from the Czech Republic but also from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Cyprus, and China, among others, was our premium ground source heat pump marked with the distinctive Corab logo. This is a new product that is being developed as part of a scientific and technical collaboration with Danfoss. For individual customers, we plan to create three models of pumps with a ground heat exchanger of 8, 12 and 16 kW, as well as three additional models featuring integrated hot water tanks within the housing. Our offer will also include three models of Corab high-temperature heat pumps, boasting power ratings of 40 kW, 60 kW, and 80 kW, specifically designed for commercial applications such as office buildings.


We strongly believe in the development of heat pumps and storage tanks of our own production. The Czech market, which offers significant potential for expansion, has provided us with valuable insights into customer expectations. During the fair, our experts engaged in numerous substantive discussions about heat pumps and photovoltaic structures while presenting Corab's flagship solutions. We are convinced that our presence at the Smart Energy Forum will result in many business contracts in the future.


For more details, please visit the Smart Energy Forum  website.


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