Polish RES industry leader with wide range of products at Düsseldorf Trade Fair

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One of the most significant events in the solar industry, the international Solar Solutions trade fair, will take place in Düsseldorf on November 29th and 30th. The offering from Corab, the Polish leader in the renewable energy sector, will also be showcased in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Corab will present a range of innovative and durable PV systems, a highly useful inverter for building energy independence, an energy storage kit, as well as an exciting novelty – our own ground source heat pump.

Corab's mission and main slogan is energy independence, which only a modern, complementary PV system can provide. The basic component of each system is a structure for mounting modules, such as the Corab System PB-094, a system that allows instant installation of modules (less than 30 seconds per module) and is distinguished by high corrosion resistance. The PB-094 can take up to 8 modules, making it a perfect fit for micro-installations.


Another solution that Corab will showcase at the Solar Solutions trade fair is the Corab System PB-074, a ballasted photovoltaic structure designed for flat roofs. The module arrangement in this system is east-west. This is a lightweight and easily transportable solution that ensures the durability and resilience of PV installations.

In the case of systems based on ground-mounted supports, trade fair visitors will certainly be interested in the Corab System WS-017. This is a powerful, freestanding photovoltaic system designed for large agricultural projects. The WS-017 offers the highest corrosion resistance thanks to the Magnelis material. The modules are installed vertically in two rows with a tilt angle of 25 degrees.


An innovative agro-photovoltaic solution that will also be featured at our booth is the Corab System WS-A10. It is a fence-shaped system that occupies only about 1% of the field's surface. The remaining area can be freely used for conventional agricultural machinery. Installing a vertical system equipped with efficient Corab Encor modules takes up to a week, after which you can start reaping the benefits of using low-cost and self-generated solar energy.



At our booth you will also find a high-quality ground source heat pump, a new concept from Corab's own brand. This is a new product that is being developed as part of a scientific and technical collaboration with Danfoss. For individual customers, we plan to create three models of pumps with a ground heat exchanger of 8, 12 and 16 kW, as well as three additional models featuring integrated hot water tanks within the housing. Our offer will also include three models of Corab high-temperature heat pumps, boasting power ratings of 40 kW, 60 kW, and 80 kW, specifically designed for commercial applications such as office buildings.


Messe Düsseldorf - Hall 13 & 14
Stockumer Höfe 61
40474 Düsseldorf


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