How will Corab conquer France?

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Another location where we will present our innovative solutions in the area of photovoltaics is the Energaia Fair, which will take place on 13-14th December 2023 in Montpellier. This highly popular event for the RES sector is fully dedicated to renewable energy and offers real environmental solutions for private customers, commercial investors and the industry.

How to distinguish oneself from among the many exhibitors and attract attention of potential clients and partners on the requiring French market? One of the key products we bring to the Fair is our proposal for electric cars owners – Corab System Carport WSC-003. In Montpellier, we will present a completely new structure in the shape of a garage shelter based not on two but on four legs, which can easily fit two vehicles. Our solution is very spacious, allowing to load even a delivery car. The WSC-003 systems can be combined in a row to create parking spaces in front of offices or shopping malls. The new carport version offers three installation methods: a standard one with foundation, using rubber (waterproof) or with trapezoid metal sheet under modules. In addition, corrosion resistant Magnelis and galvanized steel were used to created the WSC-003 System, which guarantees the impressive durability of the whole solution.

Guests at the Energaia Fair will have the opportunity to personally check out our structures for PV systems dedicated for photovoltaic farms and large farm projects, such as for example WS-014WE, that is an East-West oriented system, ideal for installation on a small space. The lack of distance between the tables decreases the installation space, and the whole solutions limits the mutual shading of modules. Another proposal will be Corab System WS-019, a photovoltaic structure with two supports, accommodating modules fitted vertically in three rows. WS-019 has been manufactured of corrosion-resistant Magnelis, which allows for up to 25-year warranty for the anti-corrosive layer. The installation method consists in ramming into the ground using a piledriver. The inclination angle is 25 degrees.


In France, we will also proudly present the double-supported structure WS-017NB, which has gained extreme popularity among customers looking for durable solutions solidly fixed to the ground. In this system, modules are fitted vertically in two rows. In addition, we will present on our company stand the photovoltaic system PI-094M, characterized by fast assembly and designed for membrane or felt covered roofs, together with a set of latches for presentation purposes. Thanks to large-space feet, the system distributes the weight of the whole installation in a manner protecting the roof.


Guests visiting our stand will be also able to see the Corab premium class ground source heat pump, which will be broadly available soon. In Montpellier, we will present a model designed for an individual customer, with a ground heat exchanger with the power of 8, 12, and 16 kW. Corab is also planning to expand its offer by three models of high-power high-temperature heat pumps of 40 kW, 60 kW and 80 kW, intended for commercial purposes, for example to be used in office buildings.  



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