Corab Tracker System comes to Bulgaria

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How to increase efficiency of photovoltaic installation not by 5% or 10%, but by almost 30%? How do you capture even more energy from the sun and make your investment in a PV system pay off at an impressive rate? The solution is provided by the developers of the European leader in the renewable energy industry, Corab. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Tracker WS T-001 ONE mobile photovoltaic structure with benefits, that have already been recognised by investors in Bulgaria!

How does the Corab Tracker WS T-001 ONE differ from standard PV solutions? The main feature of the system is the solar tracking function. The angle of the sun's rays changes throughout the day, and Tracker follows it and positions the modules to make optimal use of the available light. The structure is equipped with an intelligent wind and snow protection system, so that it remains safe during increased gusts of wind and heavy snowfall. Makers of the Tracker also thought of an anti-shadow solution, protecting the PV modules from shading each other. The Corab Tracker WS T-001 ONE system is fully automatic and maintenance-free. 


When deciding to install a Tracker, particular attention should be paid to the precise assembly of the structure. While the replacement of a PV module or a damaged inverter is a matter of minutes, the use of materials of questionable quality or not in accordance with the instructions can result in much higher and unnecessary repair costs during the work of the installation. By choosing a products from a reputable manufacturer such as Corab, we are guaranteed that the Tracker will work hard for us for many years.



As it is already working on a project located in the southern part of Bulgaria, which is based on a tracking system supplied by Corab and covers an area of nearly 15,000 square meters. The 2,300 modules used in the project will produce around 1.5 MW of energy, and with the WS T-001 ONE Tracker, this yield can be increased by up to 29% compared to standard PV systems. Unique to this project is the fixing of the Tracker supports by sinking them into holes in the ground filled with concrete. This lengthened the installation process itself somewhat, but was planned and provided additional stability to the whole structure.


And here is how the Tracker looks like in Plovdiv area:



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