Corab at ENEX: 300 percent completed plan!

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Emotions were running high during the final of the 7th edition of tournament for installation teams - Installer of the Year, premiere of the Encor ground source heat pump had a major impact on the RES industry representatives, and the number of visitors to stand E-12 asking about new solutions for photovoltaics surprised even the most experienced participants in the fair. We can already say that Corab at the XXVI International Trade Fair for Power and Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources ENEX in Kielce has completed its plan in 300 percent!

The 2024 Installer of the Year tournament and the main prize, a complete 6 kWp PV installation, has been won by the Ekoprime team, which has beaten the team from Voltaic System after exciting battle in the final. Finalists of the Installer of the Year competition previously had to take part in the knowledge test and correctly answer as many of the 25 questions in the shortest possible time, as well as successfully complete many installation tasks, which had to be carried out quickly, efficiently and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Further places in the competition were taken by the MCM Fotowoltaika team, last year's winner Zielona Firma, as well as SUNERGO and GROMAR ENERGY. The last team was also awarded the audience prize.


The most anticipated premiere of the ENEX Trade Fair was the new Encor ground source inverter heat pump, available in three nominal heat output variants: 8 kW, 12 kW and 16 kW, designed for single-family housing.




Gruntowa pompa ciepła Encor ENEX 2024

It is a much more reliable solution than a typical air-source heat pump, and its installation requires boreholes or a horizontal heat exchanger. However, it has up to 30 per cent higher efficiency and lower power consumption.

Gruntowa pompa ciepła Encor ENEX 2024 czarna

The Encor ground source heat pump was developed as part of Corab's technological collaboration with the global HVAC market leader, the Danish company Danfoss, and sets a new quality standard in the market. These include an installation time of less than one day (Plug and Heat), Danfoss-branded main refrigeration components and automation, the ability to start up and monitor the pump's operation thanks to the dedicated Corab One app, or the use of intelligent auto-adaptation and self-diagnosis functions.

The Encor pump is also distinguished by its modern design, including a front covered with toughened glass and a high-quality, easy-to-read display. The final result is a highly durable unit with high-quality components that guarantee efficient and quiet operation and low power consumption.

Gruntowa pompa ciepła Encor biała

The Encor pump is also a certified Polish product, the result of innovation and commitment from Corab engineers and designers. Production of Encor ground source heat pumps is carried out at the company's new factory in Gliwice, Poland.

Gruntowa pompa ciepła Encor na Targach ENEX scena

The Encor ground source heat pump was awarded the Kielce Trade Fair Gold Medal, which honours the best equipment in a given product category.

Złoty medal Targów Kielce dla pompy ciepła Encor


There were many other premieres and recently launched Corab products during the XXVI International Trade Fair for Power and Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources ENEX. Europe's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic structures and distributor of solutions for renewable energy has presented its offer aimed at both the prosumer segment and photovoltaic farms.


WS-A10P vertical structure for AgriPV


Due to the dynamic development of AgriPV in Europe and worldwide and along with the first projects of this type being implemented on the Polish market, the company has presented a new vertical structure for fixing PV modules in the form of a fence - the WS-A10P. With this solution panels occupy only about 1 per cent of the field area, allowing conventional agricultural machinery to operate. The construction is also extremely easy to install and free of panel shading. In addition, thanks to the double-sided modules, the system generates more electricity than a conventional PV installation. All of this makes the WS-A10P a perfect fit with the definition of AgriPV as a dual activity, which involves using one area of land for agricultural production as a primary use and for the production of electricity with a PV installation as a secondary use.


Photovoltaic tracker system WS T-001 ONE


Primarily for investors seeking maximum energy yields, the Corab company has unveiled its best-seller, the Corab System Tracker WS T-001 ONE mobile photovoltaic structure. Unlike standard PV systems, it has a solar tracking function. The angle of the sun's rays changes throughout the day. Tracker follows it and positions the modules to make optimal use of the available light. This operating model of the system enables a more balanced production in the morning and afternoon, resulting in up to 30 per cent higher energy yields compared to a classic PV system. The structure is equipped with an intelligent wind and snow protection system, so it remains safe even during demanding weather conditions. It also incorporates anti-shadow solution to prevent the PV modules from shading each other. System is fully automatic and maintenance-free.


Also many visitors asked about the newly presented new balcony bracket for a photovoltaic micro-installation, which enables the production of electricity using modules installed on balconies.


- ENEX trade fair is an annual festival of innovation in the renewable energy sector, that’s why I am extremely proud that in Corab we have presented so many product innovations responding to market demand and current trends – said Piotr Markowski, President of the Management Board of Corab S.A. - Lots of appreciation from foreign manufacturers is a proof that equipment based on Polish technical thought and manufactured in our country can make a real contribution to the value chain of the European renewable energy industry. We have more than two decades of intensive energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy ahead of us, so we will continue to actively develop our product portfolio to provide our customers with an attractive range of solutions they will increasingly need in the near future, added Piotr Markowski.

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