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Corab photovoltaic systems

We produce systems that are very popular among Customers across the country and abroad. We use modern technological solutions, thanks to which it is possible to install systems on various roof surfaces and types of ground. Our photovoltaic constructions are completely safe and meet stringent European standards, confirmed by certificates and numerous tests.


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Photovoltaic modules

Corab cooperates with the biggest producers of PV installation components, including producers of photovoltaic modules (i.e. solar panels, photovoltaic panels).

We offer the latest generation modules with various types of power output.

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We cooperate with the biggest modules' producers


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Inverters are electronic devices which control the performance of photovoltaic systems. Inverters transform direct current (DC) produced by photovoltaic systems into alternating current (AC) within the parameters that are suitable for supplying electronic devices as well as delivering to the grid. In our offer, we have inverters from reputable companies with a full range of power varying from 1 to 3-phase ones. Our solutions are also perfect for microinstallations as well as big photovoltaic farms’ investments.

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We cooperate with the biggest inverters' producers

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We offer a full range of AC and DC protection essentials and other accessories for mounting photovoltaic installations. We also offer ready-made AC and DC switchgears, which consist of components from renowned brands.

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We cooperate with the biggest accessories' producers


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