Corab Encor - Premiere

Corab Encor - Premiere

It is our pleasure to inform that the family of Corab Encor products has welcomed new members. Hereby we announce the premiere of new Corab Encor inverters and energy storage units. Extremely high quality and efficiency, modern design and original Corab One monitoring are just some of the advantages of the devices offered by us. Corab Encor is the whole range of products, for both micro-installations and larger photovoltaic investments.

Reliability. Efficiency. Safety.

Corab Encor – a safe choice

Built from the best components

Modern and unique design

Reliable Polish warranty

Original Corab One monitoring

Production and consumption monitoring

Special application
Corab One

Check the possibilities of the original Corab One application for comprehensive energy management. The app is very intuitive and offers broad possibilities to expand it with new functions. It allows for remote diagnostic of the installation. You oversee the energy production and consumption. You have convenient access to all documents.


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Corab One – intelligent installation management and monitoring

  • Possibility to view the production and to monitor the energy consumption profile.
  • Database of all documents concerning the installation.
  • Database of educational and informative materials to increase the energy awareness.
  • Intuitive and easy operation in three languages.
  • Immediate notification of the installation status and maintenance reminders.
  • Extensive diagnostics and quick overview of the main parameters, such as voltage and amperage.
  • Overview of a list of installations together with operation statuses.
Corab Encor 4-12k three-phase inverter

An inverter with start voltage of even 150V, max. current DC 16A, dedicated to micro-installations. Possibility of re-dimensioning up to 200%.

Particularly broad MPPT range. Polish warranty up to 12 years.



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Corab Encor 17-30k three-phase inverter

Dedicated to larger installations, characterized by a particularly broad MPPT voltage range and a low start voltage. It also allows for re-dimensioning up to 150% and connection of high-power modules. It has an integrated control of energy outflow into the power grid. 

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Corab Encor Hybrid 6-15k three-phase inverter

An inverter with a 10-year Polish warranty, dedicated to micro-installations. It allows for re-dimensioning up to 150%. It is characterized by asymmetric load of the output power for one phase. It can smoothly go into the emergency mode.

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Corab Encor 6.0/9.0/12.0 energy storage unit

It can operate both indoors and outdoors. It allows to optimize full charging and discharging. This offers a complete backup and unnoticeable switching to the emergency mode. Adapted to hourly settlements.


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Corab Encor 50k inverter

An inverter with the maximum efficiency of up to 98.4% and the possibility of re-dimensioning up to 150%, dedicated to commercial installations. It has an integrated control of energy outflow into the power grid. Increased installation efficiency thanks to the maximum input current DC 32A for MPPT (16A per string). It is equipped with fans with an extended service life and it weighs less than competitive products.


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Corab Encor 110k inverter

An inverter with the efficiency of 98.6% and MPPT voltage range of 180-1000V DC, dedicated to commercial installations. It allows for re-dimensioning of the installation up to 150%. It has functions of intelligent scanning of I-V curve, temperature detection of AC clamps and an intelligent cooling system.


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Choose safety and reliability 

For 30 years, we have been increasing our reliability and the safety of users. We put emphasis on your convenience, high quality and durability of products. In our offer, you will find: structures, modules, inverters and energy storage units. You can manage your installation thanks to the original Corab One software.

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