Corab at Intersolar 2023

Corab at Intersolar 2023

A strong proposal for farms and companies

Let us meet at Intersolar Europe 2023 fair

We invite you to meet Corab experts. We will present new products as well as systems which have been very popular for many years. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about innovative solutions by Corab for solar parks as well as the agro business and commercial customers.

The international Intersolar fair in Munich is an ideal place to present Corab’s new products. This is also an excellent opportunity for knowledge transfer, experience sharing and discussion about the latest trends and events on the international RES market. You cannot miss it.

What will we present at Intersolar 2023?

Corab System TRACKER WS T-001 ONE

The Corab Tracker WS T-001 system is a mobile photovoltaic structure. It features a solar radiation tracking function through optimal module positioning. The system is fully automatic and maintenance-free.



Corab System WS-A20

The Corab WS-A20 system is a photovoltaic structure designed for fixing modules and is dedicated to large Agro installations. It protects animals and crops and combines cultivation and breeding with photovoltaics.




Corab Encor inverters and energy storage units

Corab Encor is the whole range of products, for both micro-installations and larger photovoltaic investments. Corab Encor is a safe choice.




Corab System PB-096

Corab PB-096 is installed in a flash and has few components The structure can be both ballast and invasive (attached to the roof surface). Dedicated to south oriented installations. The module is mounted horizontally.



Why Corab?

Corab is a leading Polish producer of photovoltaic systems and distributor of devices of renown brands. Our experience and competences make us one of the leaders in the Renewable Energy Sources sector in Europe. Corab is a reliable business partner, with 30 years of experience. So far, Corab’s photovoltaic structures have been used in over 20 countries throughout the world.


More about Corab

Trusted partner of global brands

400 specialists

Presence in 22 countries

5,000 business partners

4 logistic centres

30 years of experience

We are here to help you

We are here for you. That is why you have our full support at your disposal. Call us or write and we will try to solve all of your problems and inquiries related to photovoltaics.