Photovoltaic farms

We offer a wide range of structures dedicated for large farm projects. Corab systems are made of extremely corrosion-resistant Magnelis. The material allows for up to 25 years' anti-corrosion coating warranty.

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European coverage

Corab's photovoltaic constructions are delivered to 18 European countries.

Why it's worth to choose Corab system for photovoltaic farms?

  • Up to 25 years' product warranty on anti-corrosion coating

  • High durability

  • Extremely high corrosion resistance

  • Magnelis ability for self-repair

  • No electrocorrosion effect

  • Safety and standards confirmed by certificates

The best systems for 
farm projects

We have a wide range of photovoltaic constructions for photovoltaic farms. You can choose constructions for all, even the most demanding investments. All our farm systems are made of durable and corrosion-resistant Magnelis. When choosing our constructions, you can receive up to 25 years' warranty on the anti-corrosion coating from the  ArcelorMittal manufacturer. The extended warranty is confirmed by a certificate issued for a given investment.


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SLIDE-IN is a clamp-free module assembly that cuts assembly time in half. That being not only real saving itself during the investment time, but also in the subsequent maintenance. It is the checking of clamp connections during maintenance that consumes a lot of time. Additionally, you mount and ground the module frame in one single step.

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What is Magnelis?

Magnelis® is a coating applied to steel on a continuous hot dip coating line. The composition of the bath is crucial, consisting of zinc, 3.5% of aluminum and 3% of magnesium. 

  •     We were the first in Poland to use this material in the photovoltaic industry. 
  •     We have developed a technology of appropriate material processing without losing its properties.
  •     We use S350GD, S550GD steel and S620GD novelty. The use of thinner profiles causes a significant quality reduction.

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