Trina Solar


The monocrystalline photovoltaic module TSM-DEG19C.20 from the Vertex series with a power output of 550 W is a high-end model designed mainly for farm projects.  Module is double-sided (bifacial), so it allows up to 25% additional energy from the back side of the module. This product uses glass on both sides (glass-glass), which significantly improves its performance and provides higher resistance to fire and harsh weather conditions.


Why choose this module?


  • This product has a high efficiency of 21%
  • The module uses multi-busbar technology, which contributes to a higher level of solar absorption
  • During production, innovative non-invasive cell cutting technology was used, which minimized the possibility of micro-cracks
  • High quality manufacturing and excellent technical parameters will ensure long and trouble-free operation of the module
  • Linear module power warranty for a period of 30 years. Power degradation in 1 year <2%, subsequent years 0.45%, and after 30 years power at 84.95% of the original value
  • Double glass (bifacial), up to 25% additional yield on the back side of the module depending on albedo
  • Power tolerance 0 ~ +5
  • Excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier ) and increased efficiency at low insolation, confirmed by independent testing centers
  • Lower temperature coefficient (-0.34%) and lower operating temperature
  • Resistance to harsh operating conditions such as : salt, ammonia, sand, high temperature and high humidity

Trina Solar to jeden z najważnieszych producentów paneli fotowoltaicznych na świecie. Firma powstała już w 1997 roku, ma siedzibę w Chinach. Produkty tej marki cechują się najlepsze technologie, nowoczesnymi rozwiązaniami, jakością oraz szerokim asortymentem modułów o różnej mocy.

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