Jean Mueller


Type 1+2 varistor-spark-gap surge protecor, used to protect photovoltaic installations in networks with a maximum voltage of 1200V DC. It complies with all current standards. Thanks to the replaceable inserts, it is possible to quickly replace the faulty module in case of damage. The limiter is made in a Y-connection system, in the patented VG technology, which prevents passive aging of the apparatus, because there are no operating currents and leakage current.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Resistance to the effect of insulation damage
  • Thermal disconnect device

JEAN MUELLER POLAND company is an innovative and professional enterprise. Quality, reliability and safety play prominent role and are of most importance for them. JEAN MUELLER POLAND is an expert in the field of photovoltaic protection and a supplier of many elements, which include: 10x38 and NH fuse links, fuse bases and switch disconnectors, connection terminals and more. These elements ensure safe working conditions both on the DC and AC voltage side.

Analyzing the needs of our clients, they introduced solutions in the form of PV switchgears and diagrams of photovoltaic projects. They have also expanded their offer with the best European CITEL surge protectors, which have already established their position on global markets.


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