High efficiency, high DC / AC ratio up to 1.3. Intelligent management, feature-rich monitoring. Easy installation. Mounting plate with leveling built-in. Safe and reliable.

Dane techniczne

Type Inverter
Rated power 2000 2500 3000
Purpose Prosumer
Communication Wi-Fi, Ethernet (optional)
Max. generator power 2000VA 2500VA 3000VA
Warranty 10
Country of the manufacturer China
Number of phases 1
Quantity MPPT 1

This offer includes our proposal of installation and usage of photovoltaic panel mounting systems. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this proposal is not the project of photovoltaic installation and cannot be treated as a substitution of such project. A person who directly performs the activity of mounting the system should choose the accurate mounting system as well as its elements. Corab is not responsible for completeness of the proposal and its usefulness in the environmental conditions of the location where system is to be mounted. 

Corab is a manufacturer of mounting systems for photovoltaic installations. Among our products there is a wide range of solutions and materials. Our products are of high quality and are designed to be well-adjusted for various conditions including flat and sloped roofs. The roof surfaces are made from various materials and this aspect was taken into consideration while creating our solutions. Nevertheless, as a manufacturer of mounting systems we are not responsible for whether products will be used accurately and installed properly. Corab does not analyse the needs of its end users and foreseeable conditions of the location where the system will be mounted. As a manufacturer Corab does not make projects of photovoltaic installations and does not monitor its mounting process. Those are the activities that are to be looked after by executers who should take into consideration certain aspects such as the state of roof surfaces’ structure and quality of materials from which roof was built, and local weather conditions. It is up to executers who have direct contact with the end users to choose the system and its elements, and ways of connecting them to the surface of ground. Our company does not take responsibility for activities performed by those people as Corab does not analyse end users’ needs and accuracy of the chosen (by executors) solutions. As a manufacturer of mounting solutions, we draw your attention to the fact that installations should systematically undergo inspections performed by qualified personnel in order to maintain the safety of use. Such service inspections should take place at least once every 12 months, and every time when the wind speed exceeds 79km/h. If the system is planned to be mounted in the location where there is a probability that winds exceeding 79km/h may take place, Corab should be contacted in order to choose the accurately strong system. Systems cannot be subject to excessive deterioration of its performance and its technical capacity. Any changes in the construction of the mounting system including, connecting, connecting to elements which are not approved by Corab, modifying systems (welding, shortening, decreasing the number of elements stated in the manual or sent proposal, lengthening), not following the safety rules described in the manual and the sent proposal, increasing the load of the system or using systems in the way that it was not designed for, result in the loss of the warranty and may have a direct influence on systems’ longevity and its safety of operations. Useful information regarding mounting proposal can be found on our website in manuals of each system.