Credibility built over the years

Corab was established in 1991 and from the beginning of its activity it specialized in the production of steel and aluminum products. Thanks to the experience gained, the company has become a leading producer of photovoltaic systems on the Polish market. We currently offer a wide range of products for pitched roofs, flat roofs, ground systems, CARPORT and tracker. The photovoltaic installation can be made using our constructions on any roofing or ground.

Corab Partner

The Corab Partner network is an agreement between installation companies in Poland and Corab as a producer and supplier of components for photovoltaic installations. The goals of cooperation are mutual benefits.

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Why it's worth choosing a contractor with Corab Partner?

  • They will use the highest quality components
  • They provide warranty and post-warranty service
  • Assembly will be completed according to the highest standards.
  • They have the highest skills and extensive experience
  • They provide competitive forms of financing: loans on preferential terms, leasing or assistance in obtaining the funding.

Use proven 


A safe installation comprises of several key components: selection of appropriate high-quality components, right choice of installation capacity and entrusting service to a reliable installation company. Invest wisely!

Small and medium 
businesses investment

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Photovoltaic farms

We are photovoltaic constructions manufacturer and a supplier of equipment for building photovoltaic farms. We work with contractors, designers and financial advisors, therefore we provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation process and construction of photovoltaic farms.

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